Sveriges Fredråds konferens den 4 februari: Make the North A Zone of Peace!

För er som missade konferensen på ABF-huset i Stockholm finns det flera sätt att ta del av de intressanta föreläsningarna och diskussionerna.

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Hela programmet:

Stockholm Conference:
10:00 Chair, Johanna Siljestrom

10:20 We Don’t Want War with Russia, Bruce Gagnon, Co-ordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA

10:40 US and NATO Encirclement of Russia – A Threat to Peace, Dave Webb, Professor Emeritus, Leeds Beckett University; Convenor, Global Network; Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK

11:00 European Satellites for Military Use and Migration Control, Regina Hagen, Global Network; Darmstadt Peace Forum, Germany

11:20 How Satellites are used in US Warfare, Bard Wormdal, Radio Journalist; Author of Satelittkrigen (2011) & The Spybase (2015), Norway

11:40 US and NATO Wargames in Finalnd, Kerstin Tuomala, The Peace Fighters in Finland

12:00 Russia Encirled by US/NATO. Initiating a Colder War, Vladimir Kozin, Professor and Chief Adviser, Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia.
Unfortunately,  Vladimir was not able to make it to Stockholm but his presentation is here: download English pdf

13:45 – 16:00 Panel discussion
Stig Henriksson, MP, member of the Swedish Defence Committee
Ingela Martensson, Women for Peace
Pelle Sunvisson,editor of Folket i Bild Kulturfron

Video links
Johanna Siljestrom, Bruce Gagnon, Dave Webb;
Dave Webb, Regina hagen, Bard WormdahL;
Bard Wormdahl, Kerstin Tuomala;

Panel Discussion: 
Stig Henriksson, Ingela Martensson, Pelle Sunvisson, Q&A, Comments

Organisers: Swedish Peace Council, ABF Stockholm, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.