Bardman hyllar Julian Assange

Free Assange
Foto: Antonio Marín Segovia

Med denna födelsdagsdikt hyllade Bardman Julian Assange  på 4 juli kommitténs möte i Stockholm 4 juli 2022


Greetings From State of Fear


Birthday greetings, Julian

From state of constant fear

Courage is not in every man

to help us see and hear

to be for us a guiding light

to use in state of dread and fright

in state of dread and fright


Birthday Greetings, Julian,

Your fate has grown to something more

a symbol for the fight of man

to shine the light on ruthless war.

Though kept in dark most inhumane

Your fight will never be in vain

Will never be in vain


Birthday greetings, Julian

The western world is in collapse

Stupidity will spoil the plan

of propaganda media traps

forever wars by USA

We will unchain from state of prey

Unchain from state of prey


And then one day it shall begin:

Your unjust case will one day end

And recognition wide kick in

That western laws were just pretend

For crooked power globally

Get rich from killing industry

From killing industry


Released from fake democracy

And neoliberal war machine

We sentence for hippocracy

The sorry state we’ve all been in

And make a state of mindset change

A world of  trust and re-arrange

Of trust and re-arrange


And then we all can watch the news

respect the other peoples

See differential point of views

no follow flock of sheeples

We will go back to sane again

remove the CIA from brain

The CIA from brain

Make truth no longer treason

The fight for peace restore

Make dollar not a reason

To kill a child in war


If press was free

We wouldn´t be

in state of NATO terror rein


If speech was free

there wouldn’t be

a state of war in poor Ukraine


If you were free

we all would be

the proof our call was not in vain:


Free press

Free speech

Free Julian Assange.


And happy birthday.


aka Håkan Julander, skald, skådespelare, regissör och manusförfattare